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Supervisor Jill Cox Emails: Episode 1 – Part 4

4.  Knowing how busy our Sups are, it is great that Jill and Ric take on important issues like Supervisor committee assignments completely on their own.  Friend of the board, Jim Underwood, did the heavy lifting for Jill and Ric, he even wrote the staff report!  Gogan, Carpenter Harris and Frasier just needed to step in line.   (possible board comm )

From: Jill Cox 

Sent: 03/08/2023 22:07 +00:00 

To: James Underwood 

Subject: Re: White 

Fair. Thank you.  

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From: James Underwood <> 

Sent: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 1:57:11 PM 

To: Jill Cox <> 

Subject: Re: White 

And the specifics alleged in the appeal. All I do know is that following my participation in the  meeting with Scott Ed environmental he subsequent phone call with Christy, it was clear that  everything could be resolved amicably and in a way that Scott should have been satisfied with.  

Ultimately, the board relied on its professional staff, after deliberating and making reasonable  inquiry, in arriving at its decision. You should be satisfied with that. It was noteworthy that  Margaret said that she was involved in advising the planning staff all along, as I recall you  hearing otherwise. But that’s another matter. 

On Mar 8, 2023 12:11 PM, Jill Cox <> wrote: 


ENORMOUS pushback from Scott in an continuous stream of emails  not surprisingly so. I  need to know from your legal perspective whether the Board (I) got that right or wrong. 

Jill Cox I Trinity County District 2 Supervisor I PO Box 1613 Weaverville, CA 96093 I office: 530.623.8321 I cell: 530.623.7226 


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  1. Jenny Alexander

    Amazing how we can see that the real ML is operating in much the same way in TEHAMA COUNTY with her lack of confidentiality and backdoor investigations and even stated that a letter that was not on an agenda could, in fact, be sent out and that wasn’t considered “action.” We are definitely receiving some bad advice in Tehama County for boat load of money.

  2. John Smith

    We feel ostracized in our own Lewiston neighborhood, where we have lived since 2003, much longer than any of our neighbors, because we did not support their group, TAA, (Jim Underwood) suing the county over the legal cannabis program, in which many honest residents had invested time and money trying to do it legally, while the county floundered with the regulations.
    Then came the opt outs which was the breaking point for our relationship with our neighbors. We are not, nor do we intend to grow cannabis commercially. However, our right to do so was taken away by mob rule. The only “official” notification we go about this Rezone of our own property was when the One Maple Winery people showed up at our door with a petition, warning of the dire consequences of legal cannabis cultivation. They seemed to be concerned because “they’re Hmong!”, and complained about water use, even though they use (export) more water than anyone else, at least according to their water rights claim.
    People are supposed to be notified about land use changes within 300 feet of their property, not to mention ON their property. A mere petition was not due process.
    Our neighbor is the head of TAA, according to Ric Leutwyler, who says he doesn’t know the TAA. We saw at public meetings during the election that most of his supporters were TAA, spewing their hateful agenda.

    Our neighbors call us “the bad neighbors”, just for disagreeing with their positions, such as “make the legal growers pay for the enforcement against the illegal ones”. We have refrained from growing our legal personal six plants, to keep the peace. Meanwhile, their legal land use, allowed in Rural Residential, of raising llamas and alpacas is resulting in significant odor (urine), flies, dust and erosion due to overgrazing. How about an Opt Out for llama farming? They have also advertised “glamping opportunities”. Do they have a permit for that? Do they pay TOT?

    From the time the opt out rolled over us, we have felt disenfranchised from the Lewiston Community, and we feel unrepresented. Now Jill Cox and possibly Ric Leutwyler (though he denies it) are consorting with Jim Underwood behind the scenes, the very person who has repeatedly sued the county, in a clear conflict of interest. We know that the current county counsel is inadequate and incompetent. That is largely why we are in this mess in the first place, and working with this county counsel is really not much better for the county than working with opposing counsel. But he is NOT County counsel.

    Who is paying for Underwood’s time, anyway? From reviewing the emails, he is spending a lot of time running Jill Cox’s agenda, even writing her Board Reports.

    Did the county go for a new RFP back in about 2012 or so, when Prentice-Long separated from larger firm Cota Cole, with lawyers in many specialties, and moved up here as just Prentice and Long (and sometimes Cole who was also lousy, from my experience in the County.) The county should have gone to a whole new RFP when the company turned into something that was not as advertised.
    And yes, when I worked at the County up until 2018, we did regular RFPs for all consultants and contractors on a regular basis, five years was the longest period ever used before going to RFP. I don’t know why Kelly Sheen is saying the County doesn’t do RFP’s when I have sent RFP’s to RCD during Kelly’s management, and have seen the RFP for the GIS mapping that RCD still appears to be doing. Just because all the County employees who remember doing RFPs are retired, doesn’t mean they don’t have to do them anymore.

    We wish we could be friendly with our neighbors, but this schism is not healing. This collusion with Underwood has brought it all back. We can’t just put it behind us like our neighbor Nancy Anderson suggests, because it is still unresolved. The growers are still not being treated like legal business people. The community is still sharply divided. The County needs to go to RFP and get a new County Counsel as soon as possible! Not Jim Underwood.
    Jill needs to keep her Rotary business separate from the County’s. Use a different email, and remember who is who.

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