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CDFW Notice of Violation Issued to Former Planning Commissioner Sharp

District 2 Supervisor Jill Cox’s “hands off approach,” gave former Planning Commissioner, Bill Sharp carte blanche to make his own land use rules. During Cox’s recent candidate night (she’s up for reelection), Cox refused to respond to an audience member’s inquiry on how she felt about Sharp grading over a creek and redirecting its water flow as, “the premise of the question doesn’t have accuracy proven”. While it’s nice that Cox is studying the art of logic, her refusal to read the Planning Department’s investigation on the matter is illogical not to mention the California Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Notice of Violation, issued in December 2023.  Perhaps, one of our readers would like to send her the link to this post which contains both reports:


  1. Trinity County’s Planning Department’s Response Letter
  2. California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Notice of Violation

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