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The Cease & Desist of a Logo

You may have noticed a recent change in the Expose Trinity County logo. Our original logo, a parody of the Trinity County Seal emphasizing what we believe to be the core values of the current governing bodies: Nimbyism, Cronynism and Corruption was the target of a County Counsel “cease and desist” email.  Apparently the Board of Supervisors felt it critical to protect the integrity of our County Seal by spending tax payer dollars to create a new Ordinance (at warp speed). You can read Ordiance No.1367 by clicking here.

We are not bitter, it’s simply an acknowledgement that what we are doing matters to the powers that be.  You can watch the BOS Board Meeting introduction of this ordinance (3:47:15):


We are still busy filing PRA requests. Many we are in receipt of have not been filed but please take a gander at them under the PRA Request folder under “County Unfiled”

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