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OPINION: Supervisor Cox Transitions into a Politician

Should she stay or should she go? The Trinity County Board of Supervisors held a Special Meeting on Thursday, June 1  to determine if the current Board Chair, Jill Cox should remain in the position, while a third party investigates the hundreds of emails between her and local attorney, Jim Underwood. The investigator will determine the level of misconduct (if any). Regardless of the findings, it is clear that Supervisor Cox has officially transitioned from a piano teacher whose heart bleeds Trinity to a Politician—a title Cox has previously shunned.

Public Comment was punctuated by several community members offering cherry picked quotes from the Christian Bible. Perhaps a not-so-subliminal messaging tactic that a “Woman of Faith” is immune to unethical proclivities (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a bit).

Ultimately, after the Supervisors waxed poetically about what happens after Weaverville Rotary Club meetings and the United States Constitution, they voted 3-0 (with Gogan abstaining) to keep Cox in her current role: dirty politician.


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